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I highly recommend Lauren Feingold Esq. as an adoption attorney. When I contacted Lauren about our hopes to adopt a newborn I was not new to the adoption world. My husband and I had previously adopted our son from Ethiopia. Our first adoption experience was very disheartening. We used a very large and reputable agency (still known as one of the best and most ethical). Yet, while they had a big name we seemed to only be a number to them. And, they treated the birth families even worse. This broke my heart and I knew if we were to adopt again I was going to have to really search for the right fit. 

That is where Lauren came in. I knew after our first phone meeting with Lauren that her heart was truly in it for all the right reasons. I could tell Lauren cared deeply about everyone involved in the process- adoptive family, birth family and the child to be adopted. Not to mention Lauren also has a great history of completing adoptions and was very professional.

We were matched with a birth family very quickly and Lauren helped us establish a great method of communication during the pregnancy. It was wonderful to learn more about my child’s birth family and let them get to know more about us. By the time we were at the hospital and the baby had arrived everyone thought myself and the birth mom were just good friends.

The entire adoption experience was very calm and peaceful. I have amazing stories and pictures to share with my daughter when she gets older and I know that Lauren’s guidance and care for the birth family played a very large role in making our dreams come true.

Adoption is a roller coaster of a process and you definitely want someone on your side that cares and that truly understands how you feel. Lauren is not only a great attorney but also a mother of five included two children through adoption. She goes the extra mile for her clients and I will never be able to thank her enough.


Amber Mamian

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