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Lauren Feingold is a graduate of the Emory School of Law and she has practiced law

as a member of the Florida Bar since 1992. Her main focus is adoption placement which includes; domestic private placement adoptions, foster care adoptions and international adoptions. Ms. Feingold is also actively involved with many adoption advocacy 

groups including Florida's Foster Care Project, Palm Beach County Guardian Ad Litem Program, as well as Jewish Foster Care and Adoption Options (JAFCO). Ms. Feingold enjoys lecturing on adoption matters to hospitals, pregnancy clinics and family resource centers. Ms. Feingold is a mother of five children, with two of her youngest being her adoptive twins girls; from Vladivostok, Russia. Therefore, she has a personal insight into the adoption process. Ms. Feingold's own adoption experience has inspired her to help other parents make their adoption dreams come true.



Randi Grillo holds a Bachelor’s in Social Science with a Concentration in Education. She earned her Master’s in Education for her desire and passion to help educate families and their children. She has been with our law firm since 2007, as an adoption family caseworker. Her passion lies with assisting women and children with individual support and positive communication. Mrs. 

Grillo provides home-based services to women and their children by offering one-on-one therapeutic counseling to the biological mothers, as well as organized play and social interaction time with their infants and children. She is proud to offer her services in assisting Birth Mothers with their needs. She has been a big part of our Heart to Heart foundation which provides assistance to family shelters and orphanages around the world. Mrs. Grillo is a proud achiever in doing intensive volunteering with: the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in their safe homes, for families in New York. Mrs. Grillo is happily married and a proud mother of four children. She takes great pleasure in making other families dreams come true through adoption.

"Today I kissed an angel, I knew it from the start, the first time my angel smiled at me I gave away my heart.

Today I kissed an angel, this angel child of mine, though not of my creation, my child by God's design.

Today I kissed an angel, my heart is dancing wild, a family by a miracle blessed by this angel child."

Adoption poem by Unknow Author

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