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This is the hardest decision I've made in my life,

and trust when I say I've endured plenty of strife,

my journey's been hard and somewhat unkind,

love has a tendency to make a woman blind.

This makes the second time I've lost not only my companion, but a child,

both are something the heart doesn't take mild,

I envision the pain of having to set her free,

constantly reminding myself she's better without me.

The future is something that remains unsure,

can I stand the pain of seeing the beautiful face on her,

will pictures help in the easing of my loss,

or at night will I continue to turn and toss.

These are questions to be answered deep inside,

from my fears, I cannot hide,

will I pull it together or fall apart,

at least I know my little girl will have a better start.

Providing for her is something I cannot do,

so I'm turning over my angel to you,

all I ask is that she never second guess,

I'm doing this because it's for the best.

May she know how much I love her and she was never a mistake,

and I've made a promise I cannot break,

to put her needs ahead of mine,

once again love is blind.

I don't know what will happen after this,

but those little flutters in my stomach I will surely miss,

Life is what I intended to create,

along with that comes fate.

I was left with you, confused and alone,

wanting my blessing but unable to do it on my own,

I pray one day this poem you'll read,

and realize together me and your parents agreed.

They can bless you with much more than I possess,

and in this we are all blessed,

Gods little promise made it home,

but you'll always be in my heart, you're never alone.

Kristie I.

Birth Mother

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