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We are proud to include these

testimonials on our web page so

that you can get an idea of the

experiences that birth mothers and

adoptive families have had when

working with Lauren and her staff

during their adoption journeys.                                

Lauren is dedicated to bringing the same love

and joy that she experiences with her own children to

the lives and hearts of her adoptive families....


First off we would like to say thank you. Thank you for your compassion, support, encouragement and lastly your kindness. This leap of faith we took with you was both scary and exciting. There are not enough words to describe what you have done for us. Helping us realize our dream of having a child has been a testament to your love for what you do. We are grateful everyday that we had the pleasure to work with such a caring and wonderful person. When we lost our son, We never thought we would ever experience the joys of raising a child. Thanks to you and your dedication, you allowed us to finally live this dream. There were a lot of ups and downs during the process, but thru all of those you held our hand and walked us thru every step. London Grace is our angel that has brought us so much joy and you are the guardian angel that made it a reality. Lauren you are the best and we hope you continue to help other family's realize their dreams just like us.

Best wishes,

Bobby & Sarah

We will be forever grateful for the role that you played in facilitating the adoption of our son, Judah. Your encouragement along the way made the adoption process a joy. Your interest in us and your kindness to our birth-mom gave us confidence and helped us navigate the difficult logistics of the adoption world. We will ever be grateful for your work! Judah brings us joy each day. He has filled our lives with such happiness—and you made it happen. Thank you!

We will never forget the first time we spoke to Lauren Feingold. We knew immediately she would be the one to bring our baby home to us. After years of trying to adopt with hardship and pain we had come full circle and realized this would be our last stop. We were so touched by the kindness and compassion Lauren and her team showed us. They wanted to know everything about us and listened so intently to each and every word we needed to say. They heard our sadness and immediately began to give us hope. Finally we heard words of encouragement and excitement instead of the usual speech of wait times and fees. It was not a question of “if” we would adopt but instead “when” the joyous occasion would happen. Lauren spoke to us as if we were her family and immediately became intimately and passionately a part of our journey. We never, ever, felt abandoned or pushed to the side. Each time we received a call from Lauren we sensed our dream coming closer to a reality. Lauren has an amazing group of individuals working for her but one person who stands out for her desire to help and be present when you need her is Miranda. Available night or day, week or weekend, she was always a phone call away. The two of them together made us feel a strong connection that held the fire in our belly that we would soon be proud parents. There was not a week that went by when we did not get a call with a situation or just to check in.

One day the phone call came. Lauren’s voice spoke with excitement as she expressed from her heart that she had met our match. It turns out she was right. Today we are proud parents of a beautiful baby girl that is peaceful and loving. We have no doubt she smiled at us the very first day of her life…and we smiled back. Our family was complete. We will never be able to express the gratitude and the heartfelt joy for our gift of life from the most unselfish and devoted woman we have ever had the opportunity to connect with.


My wife and I had no idea what to expect when we began our adoption journey. We did a lot of research comparing adoption agencies and different adoption attorneys and we met with several of them. When we met with Lauren Feingold we were convinced that she was our best option. She informed us that the adoption process is not always fast or even smooth, but assured us that she would work closely with us throughout the process and we would "get the baby we were meant to have." Lauren was great throughout the process. We did have the unfortunate circumstance of a birth mother changing her mind and deciding to parent the child herself, which happens sometime in this process. It was a tough time for us, but Lauren was with us as she promised and assured us that she was going to work even harder to find us the baby that was right for us. 9 days after that first adoption fell through Nathaniel was born and we took him home 2 days after that, only about 3 months after first signing on with Lauren. We can't imagine life without Nathaniel and can't imaging going through the adoption process without Lauren.





-Willa Cather


Words can never ever express our gratitude to you for getting us the best

gift in the entire world...Ava Rose. However, if only four words could describe you, they would be Compassion, Equanimity, Love and Joy.

It's truly amazing how God works these miracles and brings the right people together at just the right time. We are in awe of how this journey brought us back to you once again.

You are the one who had always given us hope and faith in this journey and therefore we took the leap. Once again, you are here to encourage us and take us by the hand through this journey.

Your compassion to the birth mother brings tears to my eyes, your disposition of equanimity is honored in all your interactions with others, your love is huge and never seems to end and you are forever bringing others joy.

We can never, ever thank you enough but our prayer is that the blessings that you have given us are given back to you many times over.

With Much Love.....J and S

"When we started our adoption journey we were scared to death. We had heard about other adoption stories and the heartbreak and disappointment other couples had gone through when a birth-mom decided not to place. We knew it would be a long process. After interviewing a few agencies we chose Lauren Feingold because she was the most genuine, thorough, and professional with explaining all of the adoption steps. She assured us that she would work closely with us every step of the way. You can imagine our shock when after two weeks of waiting we were chosen by a birth-mom. We had a three month wait for the baby to be born and it seemed like an eternity. Along the way there were a few moments when things just didn't seem right but we just put our trust in Lauren and god and waited it out. We were devastated when the baby was born early and the birth-mom decided not to place. Because we were on a tight budget for the adoption we knew we only had one last chance to be parents. We waited a long eight months and tried to be patient, but as time went on we wondered if it would ever happen for us. Our prayers would possibly be answered when we heard of a potential birth-mom who was pretty far in her pregnancy and was sure with her decision to place. We were both excited and nervous while waiting to see who the birth-mom chose. We were in total shock when Lauren called and told us to get to the hospital because our baby was being born!! We rushed to the hospital and had the most amazing experience of our lives. We were handed our baby just minutes after her birth. We stayed by her side until she was released to go home. We are over the Moon in love with her and owe it all to Lauren and her wonderful staff. Both she and Miranda have been so caring and continued to reassure us that we would soon be parents. Our family is now finally complete!! No words can express how grateful we are to Lauren and Miranda. We have truly been blessed!!! Thank-you Lauren and Miranda for all you've done

and the incredible work you do...” Adoptive Parents, Allison and Ray

I have to start at the end of our story by saying we were so lucky to have had an amazing adoption journey. Our baby girl is such a blessing. She is absolutely perfect in every single way. When we look at her every day we are so grateful and still in such disbelief that she is ours. We can never thank Lauren enough for being so honest, open, supportive and simply amazing. As we were going through the adoption process, I remember Lauren telling us (on more than one occasion), "you will know when I present you with a birth mother situation that is right for you". Lauren never pressured us. She communicated with us better than we could have ever hoped for. She called us regularly (regardless of whether or not she had news to report). As you can imagine, the waiting process can be so long and emotionally draining. Lauren did everything she could to constantly assure us that our baby was out there. And one day, she called us to tell us about our baby girl's birth mother situation. As soon as we heard, we knew that she was the baby for us. Our family is now complete and we will be forever grateful to Lauren. ~Adoptive Mom, Gina

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